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A Kiss Before Dying: Intermediate (Macmillan Readers) by Ira by Ira Levin

By Ira Levin

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W h e n Ellen discovered that Dorothy had been murdered, Corliss killed her too, and he killed a young man who was helping her. And now Corliss has come to New York. " "You can't prove any of this," Leo said angrily. " "I only met Ellen for a few minutes, sir," Gant replied gently. "But I liked her very much. I believe that people should know the truth about her death. And I think that Ellen's killer should be punished. "And I can prove that Corliss was a student at Stoddard," he went on. " He opened one of the books that he was carrying.

So Corliss must have come to Caldwell from another college that fall. That's why Ellen didn't meet him earlier. "This is what I think happened," Gant went on. "Burton Corliss was at Stoddard. He became Dorothy's boyfriend because she was your daughter — he wanted to marry a rich girl. W h e n she became pregnant, he thought that you would be angry. He thought that you would stop giving Dorothy money. So he killed her! Then he moved to Caldwell because he still wanted your money, and he became Ellen's boyfriend.

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