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ABC-TRIZ: Introduction to Creative Design Thinking with by Michael A. Orloff

By Michael A. Orloff

This textbook fingers the reader with strong recommendations of contemporary TRIZ self-training and actual challenge fixing. it really is designed as an easy and effective, step by step crash path in fundamental TRIZ versions in keeping with the author's equipment of extraction and reinvention, or retrieval of invention types from any real-life objects. Special content material addresses the mental aid of the individual in the course of challenge fixing and merchandising of the recent proposal to consciousness. The booklet introduces the so-called idea of constructing the inventive character (TDCP), initiated yet no longer accomplished via Genrikh Altshuller, father of TRIZ and TDCP. The textbook keeps to strengthen an easy ordinary version presentation of the matter fixing procedure with a four-step Meta-Algorithm of Invention (MAI) T-R-I-Z.

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These 40 problem-solving models (navigators, specialized transformations) constitute the "magic" toolbox complete with examples! There are such models as "inverse action," "dynamization," "copying,", "segmentation," etc. All you have to do is select the requisite number using its number in the A-matrix cell, look at recommendations, and examine examples to see how it works. Naturally, like in any magic story, you must understand what exactly this model tells you to do with respect to your specific problem situation!

This is my “payment” for my interest in TRIZ, for my ascension to TRIZ. This is also the time of my communion with TRIZ and my joyful investigation of its mysteries! 15 16 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) – outstanding German thinker, poet, philosopher and naturalist. G. S. Altshuller How to Learn to Invent. – Tambov, Tambov Book Publishers, 1961 (in Russian) 1. Miracle of Invention 15 Admiration for the principles, simplicity, and depth of TRIZ is still alive in me as a feeling of continuous contemplation of the miracle—the miracle of the beauty inherent in inventive thinking and the miracle of human talent begetting new ideas.

The algorithm does not eliminate the need of the inventor to think. 1. ” This statement is not entirely precise, but at least it is brief. It is also fairer than the method of trial-and-error because it could be renamed trial-and-success, which would make one’s relation to this method an easier one but would at the same time increase the psychological inertness when applying it. Still, the conception is the same as in brainstorming, in which every kind of attempt is understood as guessing the idea and "jumping" on it while the so called "creative hunting" happens.

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