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Al-Quran The Miracle of Miracles by Ahmed Deedat, Visit Amazon's Mr.Faisal Fahim Page, search

By Ahmed Deedat, Visit Amazon's Mr.Faisal Fahim Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Mr.Faisal Fahim,

Al-Quran the Miracle of Miracles. it is a short publication and is the reason the meanings and the definitions of miracle. It additionally describes a few of the medical proof pointed out within the Quran which glossy scientists, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, verify as precise. A booklet on faith and technology.

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DbpI; BXvamhv Fs‚ c£nXmhns‚ ImcyØn¬ s]´XmIp∂p. ''hnip≤ Jp¿B≥ (17:85) Jp¿B≥, A¤pXßfpsS A¤pXw Jp¿B≥, A¤pXßfpsS A¤pXw {]hmNIs‚ P\\sØ °pdnt®m hwimhensb°pdnt®m Hcp hm°v t]mepw apgph≥ {KŸØnepw ]dtb≠n h∂n´n√. Jp¿B≥ aplΩZn-(k)s\ °pdn®p≈ PohNcn{X {KŸa√! CXv AhnizmknIƒ°v a\ nemIm≥ {]bmkap≈ kwKXnbmWv. hN\Øns‚bpw hmNI coXnbn¬ IpdhmWv . B sNdnb A≤ymbØns‚ icn∏I¿∏v Xmsg sImSp°s´. Imem¥yw AYhm Ahkm\ \mƒ F∂ hnjbsØ°pdn®v hnip≤Jp¿B\n¬ \n∂p≈ HcpZmlcWw IqSn \ap°dnbn°mw. - ]dbpI:- AXns\∏‰nbp≈ Adnhv Fs‚ c£nXmhn¶¬ am{XamWv.

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