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Amazing Buildings by Philip Wilkinson

By Philip Wilkinson

Full-color art, together with cutaway illustrations and exploded perspectives, explores the various world's most famed architectural landmarks, together with the Paris Opera, the Taj Mahal, and Grand vital Station.

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Its date of manufacture and exactly where it was made from are unknown. 43 Under your feet T   is one made from the earth on which a building stands. The earth is sometimes mixed with lime or clay to bind it together, and then rammed down to make a flat surface. Until relatively recently, this was the most common type of floor in ordinary houses, and it is still widely used in developing countries. In time, people began to build floors with wooden boards supported by crossbeams called joists.

Nicholas’s Church in Lemgo, Germany, built in the 1560s and 1660s, continue this tradition. S. had mastered the art of making iron and steel frames for buildings. This, together with the development of safe passenger elevators in 1852, heralded the beginning of the age of skyscrapers. The first, the ten-story Chicago Home Insurance Building, was built in 1883. Many others were erected in American cities such as New York (above) and Dallas. They jostle for space high up in the clouds, and have transformed the modern city skyline forever.

As the finishing touch, door fixtures and ornamental brackets, the products of metalworkers, are set in place. Wooden laths nailed to timber Layer of coarse lime plaster under plaster of Paris, scored to help next layer stick Second layer of plaster of Paris, shaped while wet with a rough template Third layer of plaster of Paris, finely shaped with sharp-edged metal template COMPOSITION Boxwood mold Composition molding Made from a mixture of ingredients, including resin and linseed oil, composition, or ‘compo,’ was a popular plaster substitute in many 18th-century interiors.

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