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Animal communication, 1st Edition by Stephen M. Tomecek

By Stephen M. Tomecek

The act of speaking is not only a human trait. From bugs and birds to fish and mammals, so much animals use a few kind of verbal exchange to aid them get nutrients, discover a mate, and safeguard their territory. "Animal verbal exchange" explores the various other ways during which animals speak and examines a number of the most up-to-date clinical discoveries concerning animal intelligence and conversation. Readers also will find out how scientists are operating to make the dream of speaking at once with animals a fact.

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When a male roadrunner finds a potential mate, he will run up behind her while carrying some type of dead animal in his mouth. he will then start waving his tail back and forth while bowing to her. if that doesn’t get her attention, he will start jumping up and down. if she is impressed, she will take the food gift and the two will form a partnership, usually for life. if she’s not impressed, she runs away. This roadrunner carries a precious gift for females in his mouth: a dead lizard. 31 32 AnimAl communicAtion For many animals, finding a potential mate is only the first step in the mating process.

4 Communication Using Sound It’s amazing how many different animal sounds can be heard in a forest at night. The chirps of crickets, the croaks of frogs, the occasional screech of an owl—animals are using sound to communicate. There are a number of reasons that sound is such a popular way for animals to communicate. One big advantage is that sound can be used when it’s dark as well as during the day. Also, a sound is broadcast in all directions. This means that many animals can receive a message at one time, without having to see who is making the sound.

This area, known as a territory, is the space in which an individual will find food, mate, and carry out most other life functions. The act of selecting, marking, and defending a territory is called territoriality. There are many benefits to having “exclusive rights” to a territory. When food is limited, a set territory rich in resources tERRitoRiaL PEtS some pet owners have to deal with the territorial nature of their animals. most mammals, even cats and dogs, have a natural tendency to mark their territories.

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