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Bargain with the Devil (Candlelight Ecstasy Romance) by Jayne Castle

By Jayne Castle

PB Romance

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It’s too late at night for a caffeine drink,“ she said, sighing. „If you’re worried about how I’m going to sleep with all I’ve got on my conscience…“ he began grimly. “ she retorted, irritated. „It seems fairly obvious that nothing’s going to weigh on your conscience, since you haven’t got one to begin with! I do not serve caffejpe-based drinks in the evening to anyone, not even my worst enemy – a role for which you’re well qualified! If you don’t want that herb tea, go and find something else to drink.

The foggy pools of his eyes met hers, and she had the oddest sensation of being enveloped by the shifting, swirling currents there. His fingers were halfway through their task. She felt the slightly roughened tips straying inside the opening of her shirt, testing the softness of the skin of her breasts above the edge of her bra. “ he questioned, sounding vaguely interested. “ „Hunter,“ Stacy whispered desperately, her wide eyes making no effort to hide her anxiety. „I’m begging you to wait. At least give me a chance to know you and get accustomed to the idea of marrying you!

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