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Blood, Blood Products — and AIDS — by Janine M. Jason, James W. Curran (auth.), R. Madhok MD, C.

By Janine M. Jason, James W. Curran (auth.), R. Madhok MD, C. D. Forbes MD, B. L. Evatt MD (eds.)

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2). 2 Screening tests for donors of blood products to transfusion-associated AIDS Test Low TJT8 Ratio a-HBc SBA a-LAV p25 RIP a-HTLV-III ELISA a-HTLV-III bIot a-LAV bIot Suspected donars (n=18) No. positive/no. 0 immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits for detection of antibodies to HIV, identification of potentially infectious donors has helped to limit the risk of AIDS transmission by blood donors attending blood banks. , 1985). Currently availablecommercial assays for antibody to HIV are reasonably accurate with high positive and negative predictive values (functions of prevalence or pretest probability of disease) in populations at increased risk for HIV infection.

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1985) Genomic heterogeneity of AIDS retroviral isolates from North America and Zaire. Science, 230, 949-51. , Putkonen, P. ,Juto, P. and WadelI, G. (1986). Blood donor sera with false-positive Western blot reactions to human immuno-deficiency virus. Lancet, ii, 289-90. Bolognesi, D. , Langlois, A. , Matthews, T. , Fischinger, F. J. and Gallo, R. C. (1986) Prospects for development of a vaccine against human lymphotropic virus type III disease, in New Appraaches to Immunization (ed. F. Brown, R.

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