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Cancer Genomics and Proteomics: Methods and Protocols by Paul B. Fisher

By Paul B. Fisher

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Milagro, F. , Moreno-Aliaga, M. , Martinez, J. , and De Miguel, C. (2004) Gene expression changes in rat white adipose tissue after a highfat diet determined by differential display. Biochem. and Biophy. Res. Commu. 318, 234–239. 28. , Williams, R. , et al. (2004) Gene expression profiling after radiation-induced DNA damage is strongly predictive of BRCA1 mutation carrier status. Clin. Cancer Res. 10, 958–963. 29. , and Bahr, G. M. (2004) Differentially expressed genes in HIV-1-infected macrophages following treatment with the virus-suppressive immunomodulator murabutide.

7) suggested that in many cases using identical set of primers, some tissues yield simpler banding patterns than others. They also provided evidence that mispriming of one or more bases in the anchor region of the primer and priming at an internal site on the mRNA rather than to the poly (A) tail are common in differential display reverse transcription, and therefore, repetitive The Application of Differential Display as a Gene Profiling Tool 33 sampling occurs extensively in differential display.

2004) Application of differential display in the identification of androgenregulated genes. Endocr. Res. 30, 69–82. 24. Gladney, C. , Bertani, G. , Johnson, R. , and Pomp, D. (2004) Evaluation of gene expression in pigs selected for enhanced reproduction using differential display PCR and human microarrays. J. Anim. Sci. 82, 17–31. 25. Zhang, W. , Liu, W. , and Li, Y. Y. (2004) Study of genes related to gastric cancer and its premalignant lesions with fluorescent differential display. Ai Zheng.

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