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Citizen Satisfaction: Improving Government Performance, by Forrest V. Morgeson III (auth.)

By Forrest V. Morgeson III (auth.)

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V. Morgeson III, Citizen Satisfaction © Forrest V. Morgeson III 2014 16 l Citizen Satisfaction emerged from among governments at all levels, and in governments around the world. Nevertheless, our review focuses on a look at legislation from the US Congress, as well as some presidential initiatives and executive orders enacted predominantly since the early 1990s. Our review of the growth and evolution of government performance measurement reveals that, in a pattern similar to what has occurred in the private sector, and in part precisely because of this private sector evolution and its influence on the public sector, governments have begun to shift their focus from predominantly internal measures of performance to external, citizen-centered measures.

Why should governments measure the satisfaction of their citizens, clients, customers, and other stakeholders? V. Morgeson III, Citizen Satisfaction © Forrest V. Morgeson III 2014 34 l Citizen Satisfaction loyal customers, and more loyal customers more financially profitable ones. Satisfaction measurement and management is good, in other words, for the corporate bottom line, and is thus important and intrinsically justifiable. 1 Yet the proliferation and changing focus of performance measurement in government notwithstanding, a phenomenon we discussed near the end of the last chapter, government is decidedly dissimilar to virtually all of the companies in the private sector that measure satisfaction.

Yet when all is said and done, this information is far less meaningful if not actually learned from and acted upon. From the perspective of those working within an agency being measured, learning that the individuals you interact with are dissatisfied is important, but fixing the problems causing this dissatisfaction (with the ultimate goal of improving satisfaction) is certainly more critical. And citizen satisfaction measurement, when done correctly, can reveal not only how satisfied a group of citizens are, but also what is causing dissatisfaction and what can be done to repair it.

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