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Close Contact   by Rebecca Airies

By Rebecca Airies

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Her back arched and she moaned. She could see and feel how much he wanted her. His cock pressed against her, the hard ridge evident even through the fabric of his jeans. “I love how quickly your body responds to my touch. We have to go back into the bedroom. ” His teeth nipped at her neck. She shivered. He seemed to know just where to touch. She stroked her hand up his side, wanting to arouse him as much as he did her. Her hand found the flat hard disk of his nipple. His breath hissed between his lips.

His hands on her hips controlled her movements. She couldn’t move as fast as she wanted. The slow controlled strokes were pushing her to the brink, but she couldn’t go over the edge. Her muscles had coiled tight and her breath came in gasping pants, striving for the pleasure, but it remained just out of reach. “God, Evan let me…” She shivered and her head tipped back. ” His hands moved her hips in a circle as he pressed her down onto him. Geneva couldn’t say a word. Her clit rubbed against his pelvis and she felt electricity shoot through her body.

She slowly rose off him. Her pussy clenched around his shaft as if to hold onto him for a little longer. Moving to the end of the tub, she leaned back against the slightly angled edge. Puddles of water pooled at either end of it. She tapped her fingers on the tile surround as she thought of a way to bring the subject of his near biting her into conversation. Subtle probably wouldn’t work. He’d get the reference, but he probably wouldn’t see how serious she was about it. “Evan, this biting thing.

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