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Communication progressive du Francais. Niveau intermediaire. by Heinz-Günter Vester

By Heinz-Günter Vester

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This is a modest value relative to the earlier ECP example. The small value is due to the much smaller value of gm for the MOS device relative to a BJT for the same current level. The output resistance with respect to the output node vo1 looking back at RD1 is again RD1 . 7. Return now to the dc input voltage V1 and change its value. The output voltage variation with V1 can be determined by actual measurements, using circuit simulation, or for a special restriction by circuit analysis. Although setting up the equilibrium circuit equations is straightforward, the solution of piece-wise, nonlinear equations to obtain values, say, of Vo2 for a set of values of V1 is tedious to say the least.

Cos3 x = 14 cos 3x + 34 cos x 1 5 and cos5 x = 16 cos 5x + 16 cos 3x + 58 cos x. The result is 28 2 Large-Signal Performance of the Basic Gain Stages in Analog ICs IC2 1 1 V1A 1 = − cos ω1 t + IEE 2 4 Vt 48 = 1 1 V1A 3 − − 2 4 Vt 48 + 1 4 × 48 V1A cos ω1 t Vt V1A Vt 3 + ... 19) 3 V1A Vt cos 3ω1 t + . . 19) can be expressed as IC2 = b0 + b1 cos ω1 t + b2 cos 2ω1 t + b3 cos 3ω1 t + . . 20) where the amplitudes of the Fourier coefficients are b0 = 1 2 b1 = − 1 V1A 1 − 4 Vt 16 V1A Vt 3 b2 = 0 b3 = 1 192 V1A Vt 3 The use of the notation b0 , rather than b0 , is explained in the next chapter.

22. 34)). 2 V and 2 V, both with a quiescent input (no incremental input signal) of 0 V. As with the ECP, the transfer characteristic of the SCP is antisymmetric about the operating point; therefore, even harmonics are not present in the output even for heavy overdrive (clipping of the output waveform). 83. 8%. 10 V(6) 8 V(6) V(16) 9*V(6)-40 6 4 2 0 0 5 10 15 20 Time (µs) Fig. 23. Transient response of SC pair. 34) can be expanded in a power series and only the first few terms are significant. √ 1−x 1 1 1 = 1 − x − x2 − x3 − .

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