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Critical Education in the New Information Age (Critical by Peter McLaren, Visit Amazon's Manuel Castells Page, search

By Peter McLaren, Visit Amazon's Manuel Castells Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Manuel Castells, , Ramón Flecha, Paulo Freiré, Henry A. Giroux, Donaldo Macedo, Paul Willis

Essays by way of a few of the world's major educators offer a progressive portrait of recent rules and advancements in schooling that could impact the opportunity of social and political switch. The authors take note of such various terrain as feminism, ecology, media, and person liberty of their pursuit of recent principles that may tell the basic perform of schooling and advertise a extra humane civil society. The ebook consolidates contemporary pondering simply because it displays on rising new traces of serious thought.

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For example, many private elite schools concentrate on competitive forms of education that prepare students for the higher levels of the educational system and society, but the priority of many poor neighborhood public schools is to make sure their students pass the time as peacefully as possible while they try to teach them something. When this happens, we are doing no more than adapting students from a young age to the new inequalities of the information society, from the highly qualified, well-paid, and socially integrated professionals to the structurally unemployed on the margins of society.

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