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Crossing the Postmodern Divide by Albert Borgmann

By Albert Borgmann

During this eloquent consultant to the meanings of the postmodern period, Albert Borgmann charts the choices sooner than us as we search choices to the joyless and synthetic tradition of intake. Borgmann connects the elemental principles using his figuring out of society's ills to each sphere of latest social existence, and is going past the language of postmodern discourse to supply a powerfully articulated imaginative and prescient of what this new period, at its top, has in shop.

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We have deeply internalized the enlightened vision of reality. What Jefferson called the superstructures of the physical and MODERNISM 25 moral sciences have been realized in the institutions of science and democracy. In the Western world, democracy and the commitment to equality are now so much a part of everyone's mental constitution that it would be comical to suspect anyone of being a closet monarchist. It would be rare to find a frank attempt at securing feudal distinctions through legislation.

62 The historical aptness and massive appearance of the corporation has made it seem as though the corporate structure has been the outcome of an iron and rational necessity, as though the modern project was realizable in this form exclusively. is a modern conceit. 63 At any rate, as we near the postmodern divide, the corporate structure is weakening and receding. What once was a framework for individual identity is now itself suffering an identity crisis. 64 A M BIG U 0 U S When divinity and monarchy were questioned as the grounds of the common order at the transition to the modern era, Locke advanced the sovereignty of the individual as the fundament of auI N D I V I D U A LIS M MOD ERN ISM 37 thority.

S Such activities as listening to music and reading, which are intrinsically as private as television watching, account for most of the remaining passive leisure. 86 Only our two hours of conversation per week constitute passive and communalleisure. 87 In leisure, individualism seems to be close to the extreme privacy Tocqueville foresaw more than a century and a half ago. Here individualism throws one "back forever upon himself alone and threatens in the end to confine him entirely within the solitude of his own heart.

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