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Dallas Stoudenmire: El Paso Marshall (Western Frontier by Leon Claire Metz

By Leon Claire Metz

Earlier than Dallas Stoudenmire approved the location as marshal of El Paso, there existed no authority other than that of the six-shooter, and extremely little precedent for a peace officer to persist with. nobody sooner than had held the task for greater than a number of months. but, inside of years, with the aid of Jim Gillett, his younger deputy, Stoudenmire had wiped clean up the city, a role that earned him many enemies and, finally, death.This is the tale of Dallas Stoudenmire-auburn-haired, fiery-eyed, six-foot, two-inch gunfighter, box of laughter, liquor, and death-during the 2 tumultuous years within the early 1880’s while he served as virtually the one legislations north of the Rio Grande and west of castle worthy.

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However, the official files (incomplete) of the Texas Rangers do not mention his name. At any rate, on December 1, 1880, George Campbell became El Paso's third marshal. Bill Johnson was still the acting assistant. Marshal Campbell has had his champions, few as they have been. Mr. W. M. Coldwell, respected pioneer El Pasoan who knew George Campbell, commented in a newspaper review of James Gillett's Six Years with the Texas Rangers that "Campbell [was] by no means Page 4 vicious or naturally lawless [although he] was closely connected with men of the element he was supposed to control.

Some of the better-looking and more businesslike whores decided to expand their activitiesthey avoided the harlot tag and tried to call themselves actresses. Naturally, several theatres immediately sprang up, one of the earliest being the Coliseum Saloon and Variety Theatre. The Gem was another, and one night as several girls danced on stage a group of playful cowboys showered money across the floor and effectively interrupted the performance. On the following night, the cowmen returned, took seats near the stage and being experts with the lariat, pitched out a lasso every time a leg kicked out toward the audience.

Thompson, O'Neal, and Cain never had much of a chance. They opened fire at the relentless pursuer but, struggling and falling in chest high water, their aim was wild. The rifle began to crack and all three sank in death beneath the muddy surface. Later the bodies were recovered and tied to the tails of burros for a victory parade through the center of Paso del Norte. From a high vantage point in El Paso, a viewer could see the three men bounced through the streets. Belt buckles and spurs glinted in the sun as the carrion jolted along across the sharp rocks and chuckholes.

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